There is a new Windows 10 “functional update”, so of course we also need new Intel network drivers for our VLANs. Intel have been really laying on the speed this time; three weeks from general availability (of 2004) to a driver release is a new record, I think.

Hey! Great job! Let’s all run and install the new 25.1.1 drivers today!

Unless … you aren’t feeling particularly sentimental about the *-NetAdapter cmdlets, are you? The ones you just got back in 25.0 after creating any VLANs used to break them for the longest time?

You are? Oh. Then I may have a bit of bad news for you.

Yes. They’re gone again; same error as before. Someone forgot to merge the fix branch, I suppose.

What do I hear you say? Is it “Quick! Let everyone know! On the Intel forum where they announced the release and asked for feedback!”, perhaps?

Oh. Then I may have a bit of bad news for you.

You see, the Intel forums have just gone read-only for several days while they are “transitioning to a new platform”, which will also have a new URL.

Great timing. Really great timing.