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This font looks like Arial. Is Facebook messing with the kerning, or does it suddenly have extremely tight pairs like VA Ve Vo Te To, but not so tight for Ta and Va?


Trust issues

Under certain circumstances, which probably are related to the deployment method used, the Office 365 (2016) applications lose the ability to either sign their VBA projects or validate existing signatures.

Microsoft’s Office 365 support begs off due to “request out of scope” and refers me to the paid support. Thanks.

I’m not sure yet what the actual cause of the problem is, but the workaround is embarassingly simple:

Pick your tools

Microsoft recently put Flash in Edge behind a Click-to-play prompt. So far, so good. Except that prompt does not happen for the still Flash-dependent full vSphere Web Client.

At least they also finally introduced group policy to control Flash in 1703. So Edge can remain my dedicated Flash-enabled browser for this one application. Good.



An occupational hazard, I guess …

(… and most astronomers come from the lowlands)

I wonder how much worse this could get with the E-ELT. Cerro Armazonas is another 400 meters higher.


Take him to the vet

Ummmmmm … how?


Ei gucke da

28 in zwei Stunden.



La Le Li …


Ganz einfach

Ein Tip für jene Politiker, die ständig von »Leitkultur« schwafeln:

Geocaching ist ein sehr schönes Hobby. Es lehrt unter anderem den Unterschied zwischen »D« und »T«.


Going around

So I attempted to upgrade Visual Studio 2017 to its latest release (15.2).

It turns out Windows 10’s “reset” feature isn’t very good. I’ll have to reinstall properly.

Thanks, Microsoft.

[Update: As usual: All glory be to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit!]



Ich hasse Hardware!