Atlassian have made the extremely regrettable decision to stop supporting Mercurial on Bitbucket, suggesting that everyone migrate their repositories to Git. (They say they “considered” developing an automated migrator, but ultimately they decided to wash their hands of the whole affair and just abandon their customers.)

There does not appear to be a viable alternative hosting solution (by which I mean, none of the dozen or so I looked at are any good), and I’m not going to run my own server; I have better things to do with my time.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of that time I have the aforementioned better things to do with will be spent converting quite a few Mercurial repos to Git, and learning how to use that crime against sanity and humanity, Git.

I have been a user of the excellent TortoiseHg for many years now, but apparently this is now going to change. I hope the project will keep going.

Thanks for nothing, Atlassian.