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Hat das schon jemand nach FreeBSD portiert?


Unnützes Geschwafel

Python’s main package management tool, pip, is a bit of a blabbermouth. Have a look at its outgoing User-Agent header:

User-Agent: pip/9.0.1 {
    "openssl_version":"OpenSSL 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017",

The only thing missing is my shoe size.

I’m not the first to notice, but they apparently don’t see the problem: It’s for download/usage statistics, of course.

Well, that’s why we occasionally fork stuff.

User-Agent: pip/9.0.1 {"information-disclosure":"averted"}

That should be enough for them.



Aus der Abteilung “Werbesprüche, über die vielleicht nochmal jemand hätte nachdenken sollen”, heute:


Short poems

Here I spy A butterfly Flutter By.


Cat content



Phew! I just nearly abandoned my 60 kg (£120) order of All The Stations T-shirts because their web shop does not know E.123 notation. It eventually went through.

(PS: If you want to see how control freaks think, check out E.123 sections 2–4.)

git clone

There is a certain rhythm in this command line.


Electronic sorcery

To be honest, I think RF circuits are basically magic. What with all the filters that look like triangles, and “attenuators”, and Wilkinson dividers that look just like circles on the PCB, and stuff that is not even connected but still affects the signal.

But anyway, I like hearing it explained even though just about all of it goes straight, and miles high, over my head.

Not to mention “wave guides”, rigid co-ax, and 110 GHz LeCroy scopes (cheap at 0.000009 $/Hz) that, as far as I can tell, transform the input signal like an FFT (from time domain to frequency domain) because clearly no one has yet built a processor that could possibly keep up with it, process it, then reconstitute the input as a wave form and then claim to do FFT on it.

His cat, Pooch (?), alone is worth the money, though. I’m sure there must be some video where (s)he (?) ruins some expensive board by stepping on it, and I’m determined to find it.

One dollar per video. Here we go!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Vile puns




For Gondor!

New Zealand is having a wine forgery scandal. Winemakers are very keen on consumers perceiving their labels as accurate.

Most important statement that should never appear on an accurate NZ wine label?

“Made from squeezed hobbits.”

(Bad Taste Award for today: ✅)