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Double speed

ZFS backup via SSH tunnel. Throughput without SSH compression is ~4 Mb/s. With compression, it is >30 Mb/s (of compressed data!), and about 400 MiB/min net (about 1.7:1 compression). How come?


Ein Quell der Freude
#include <algorithm>
std::vector<int> spaces = std::accumulate(lines.begin() + 1, lines.end(),
        std::vector<int>(max_length, 1), [](auto acc, auto line) {
    std::vector<int> tmp(acc.size(), 0);
    std::transform(line.begin(), line.end(), acc.begin(), tmp.begin(), 
            [](wchar_t ch, int b) {
        return b && (ch == L' '); 
    return tmp;



It’s Maplebark. Not Marble Arch.


Great customer service!

I just used Vim’s listchars feature for the first time to make non-breaking spaces visible. Only I found that it did not appear to work correctly; the nbsp item in listchars only worked if I also included trail, on the other hand, including eol would not change the behavior.

Before reporting bugs, one should always try the latest release, and so I did. I was not inconsiderably surprised that the bug was indeed fixed there.

Then I looked at the repo, and found that it had been fixed not 24 hours before I hit it when using the entire feature for the first time.